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Our Approach

At Direct Executive Search (DES) we’ve developed a unique “systems approach” to the search process that has enabled us to be extremely disciplined and precise with our efforts. Below is a snapshot of the typical steps carried out during a search assignment.

  • Develop an understanding of your company culture and objectives. True success in any search lies with the search firm’s thorough understanding of the client company.

Client benefit: The more we know about your company, the more capable of selling your opportunity; we attract the best talent because we know what top performing individuals look for and how they think.

  • Develop a company overview and position specification
    We’ll conduct interviews with the client management/HR and ask the right questions. Through this process we’ll identify the key capabilities needed in this position. We can even assist in the creation of a written Position Description outlining the qualifications and experience we seek in a viable candidate, and why the company/position should be of specific interest to them. This will be reviewed and edited once we receive client’s final comments/approval.

Client benefit: We know the range of skills needed to make this critical hire. Properly designed position description documents will do a better job of creating interest from qualified candidates; your interview team will see better candidates as a result of the company and opportunity being well positioned.

  • Formulate the search strategy; research and identify candidates
    Using our large proprietary database & industry savvy research team, we will develop a list of target candidates. This will allow us to develop a comprehensive list of individuals that we’ll talk with about the opportunity.

Client benefit: Our methodical recruiting approach ensures a broad reach to all potential qualified candidates in the industry.

  • Screen candidates; conduct evaluation interviews and present to the Client.
    We will screen candidates thoroughly by using our in-depth telephone interview process tailored to the specific role as defined by the client. Position Descriptions will be shared only with those individuals who we deem qualified and interested. Resumes of that select group of candidates are presented to the client. We will provide a written description of each candidate’s qualifications, salary history, and also identify any concerns requiring further investigation.

Client benefit: We will present thoroughly screened candidates that meet the criteria as defined by the client. Simply stated, we will not waste your time by presenting candidates who are not qualified for the position.

  • Conduct reference and background checks
    When you are prepared to make an offer to a candidate, we will interview former bosses, peers and subordinates to validate career accomplishments, work history, and character traits. We’ll provide a written summary of each.

Client benefit: We want to be certain the individual in question has represented his accomplishments accurately and will be a good fit for your company.

  • Assist in structuring the offer and presenting it to the candidate
    If client desires, DES will work with the winning candidate to confirm an acceptable compensation package, and communicate these figures accurately back to the client, as well as work directly as the go-between with the candidate and client during the sensitive negotiation and offer acceptance process to ensure success.

Client benefit: It allows you to conduct through us, tough and fair negotiations while preserving the relationship between the prospective candidate and the client. It dramatically reduces the likelihood of candidate fall-out.

  • Assist the candidate with the resignation and transition process and notify non-selected candidates
    Throughout the process of resignation from their previous employer, we are in touch with the candidate on a daily basis to ensure that they have properly tendered their resignation. We answer any questions or concerns and make sure he/she is prepared to deal with any counter offers. If relocation is required, we want to be sure that the move is going well and all necessary steps are being taken.

Client benefit: DES will be there to make sure any issues that surface are addressed immediately in order to provide a seamless transition until day one of the candidate’s employment with your company.